My son is 23 months old and doesn't speak clearly. He talks all day long but it's still just gibberish, he comprehends things and understands when I tell him things like, "lay down for night night" or "sit down in your chair" but he is still not talking properly like putting words together. He really only says "mommy" and "daddy" and "uh oh" the rest is just his own language. I'm wondering if anybody else's child has done this, or if I should be concerned.


Jody - posted on 11/17/2012




There is absolutely no need to be concerned. I am a primary school teacher who has had lots of experience with pre schoolers - so I do know what I am talking about. Boys do tend to take longer than girls to develop clear speech and every child develops at their own pace. He understands what you are saying and is experimenting with lots of different sounds himself. If he is still like this and has made no progress when he is approaching 4 - then get a bit worried but at this age - just enjoy the cool noises he makes and celebrate what he is awesome at.

User - posted on 11/25/2012




There are 2 types of first language learners.

The first type is focused on words. These children say LOTS of words by age 2. Your son is obviously not this type of language learner.

The second type is focused on the flow of conversation. These children don't say many words but they 'babble with feeling'. They don't say actual words but it seems like they are trying to have a conversation with you but you don't understand them. This is the 'gibberish' you are referring to.

If your child is the second type of language learner, he will probably shock you by opening up and talking in full sentences by age 3.

If you are really worried, I would contact your local school corporation to get information on speech/language intervention. There are specialists in most areas that (often free of charge) can provide you with simple activities to do at home to encourage language development. In our area free speech services are available through First Steps


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