my son is 3 months and he doesnot respond to voices. when will he be old enough to respond or should i have the dr check his hearing?

Errin - posted on 07/17/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son just made it to his 3 month mile stone and it seams as if he isn't responding to voices. he coos and makes faces but if you are calling his name he doesn't turn hids head. is this normal or is he still young to respond?


Ashley - posted on 07/18/2011




i think he may be too young to respond to his name. as long as he is responding like looking at you or cooing or something when you talk to him i wouldnt worry. if he is lookng at something and you talk to him and he doesnt reapond or turn his head to look at you it may be an issue. but if you say that he coos and stuff i dont thing its an issue. if your worried you could take him to the doctor and see what they say its better to be safe than sorry. the most they are gonna say is that he is fine nothing to worry about. if there is something its better to catch it now than later.

Michelle - posted on 07/17/2011




Did he have his hearing tested at birth?
Here in Australia they test all newborns when they are a couple of days old. Does he respond to loud noises like clapping?
If he doesn't I would get him checked. The sooner they pick it up the better they can treat it.
Good luck.


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Kbt71475 - posted on 02/14/2015




My son is 3 months old. He failed his hearing screening 2x. ABR test was done and they said he's got mild to moderate permanent hearing loss. I am confuse or maybe still in denial.... Because he did not get his ABR test up until he's 3 mos old. Before his ABR test . We've been doing some hearing test at home like clapping hands when he is asleep and he would startle and wake up. Also when he's asleep and his older brother will make a loud noise he will startle too and cry. Is it possible that ABR might be wrong....ohh one more thing he also coo in response when we talk to him....hopeful mom!

Kiley - posted on 07/17/2011




Is he responding to other noises (door bell, dog barking, clapping, etc.), I would talk to your dr and definitely have his hearing tested if he isn't responding to noise in general. Its too early for him to associate himself with his name bc he still doesnt comprehend that he is his own perish and not just part of mom.

Julie - posted on 07/17/2011




take him to see the doctor and ask for a hearing test. he should be due one soon for his health check up anyway. theres probably nothing to worry about but as they say better safe than sorry. good luck

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