my son is 4 yrs old a very sweet and smart boy he talks non stop and has a 16 month old sister which he adores but lately i had seen alot of frustration and bad behavior comeing out of him, since he was 2 we talk out everything. he is attacking his uncle yelling and spitting at him throwing whatever he can get his hands on i tried talking to them both but it keeps continueing what should i do i feel as tho i had lost my sweet little boy?


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Val - posted on 10/21/2012




That behaviour is inappropriate and the uncle needs a sit down talk to stop this. The uncle is teasing him and its out of control. i would really be firm as your son is changing and its affecting him alot. Your son has to be taught how to get along and be kind, not doing what you are describing. keep them apart if the uncle wont listen. DONT lose your son, stand up for him.

Katherine - posted on 10/19/2012




You tried talking to them both? Does his Uncle egg him on? I would tell the uncle to stop. He is learning by example and if the uncle thinks it's funny your son will continue to do it.

I would also try a rewards chart with him. Try to focus on what he does GOOD. If he is behaving well let him know you've noticed.

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