My son will only sleep when I hold him l

Lisa - posted on 08/08/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son Jay turns 3 this Saturday. And I can't get him to sleep without me holding him


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Sarah - posted on 08/14/2017




And if you let him beg and beg and then give in after an hour or two, you have just taught him to beg for hours until you cave in.
There is nothing wrong with having a cuddle while you read or talk to him right before you tuck him in and leave the room. You have become part of his transition and like giving up a blanket or pacifier, it will be a tough patch. Just stick with it.

Michelle - posted on 08/09/2017




He will but why would he?
You need to be tough. Put him to bed and sit nearby at first. You can pat him on the back or hold his hand. Don't pick him up and if he gets up, lay him back down without talking to him. You need to be persistent as he has had this bad habit for 3 years. It will take a long time to break it but it will get easier.

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