my son wont listen since his baby sister came home..what to do???

Valérie - posted on 09/22/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I welcomed our baby girl september 14 and we came home on sept 16. Since then my son will not listen, but he only wont listen to me. He listens to his dad and his grandmother but not me. Theres times he will be loving with his sister and now he is starting to want to hit her. I know its normal for a child to feel jealous and all after a new baby joins the family, everything she has he thinks it's his i cant even put her in her play pen because he will jump in it and say its mine...i dont show more affection to one then the other, i know a baby requires more attention for certain things but i try to meet both there needs at the same time. I had a c-section so for the next 6 weeks cant reallly lift him up and that breaks my heart...i dont want him to feel like i dont love him anymore or prefer his sister over him, i love my kids to death, but i just dont know what to do theres times i just feel like crying. Will this last long before he get use to his sister??


Alison - posted on 09/22/2011




It's hard to know exactly how long it will last, but it will not last forever.

Do whatever you can (go out of your way) to make him feel special. If your husband had brought home a second wife, the fact that he is treating you both equally would be of little comfort. Your son needs to be reassured that he has not lost his place in your family, he has been promoted to a new role!

Help him to discover what it means to be a big brother - a helper and a protector. Get him involved in caring for his baby sister (once the hostility dies down a little) - helping with diaper changes, baths, massage, etc.

You're only a few days in... it will definitely get better. :)

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