My three year doesn't speak in full sentences

Monica - posted on 10/05/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter will be four on November 15 and she's not speaking in full sentences. She speaks in phrases and gestures when she want something but when I ask her questions sometimes repeats my questions. she knows her colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, and lots of single words but I think there's a problem with her comprehending her thoughts. I've had her hearing tested it's fine and she had a speech evaluation but she wasn't very cooperative so it wasn't complete. she has a developmental test scheduled in November, I'm wondering if anybody has any tips on how to help her and if putting him preschool is a good thing at this point


Lori - posted on 10/08/2014




kids develop their speech at different rates. as long as she can hear properly, she should be fine. is she communicating? then, guess what? she's fine.
moms now-a-days stress too much about the milestones without realizing that the milestones are different for every child.
my son barely spoke until he was three - he's 20 years old now and never shuts up!

Sarah - posted on 10/06/2014




I would look into doing preschool. That may help the talking. Sometimes kids talk faster or more when around other kids. Sometimes that also encourages them to talk more. It also gives them someone else besides the parents to talk to. Sometimes we as parents hinder their speaking ability. When they point we know what they want so get it. When it is someone else it takes them more talking in order for that person to understand what they want. Some of the things your child is doing may be normal too. Repeating can be normal at that age as sometimes their brain needs time to match with their mouth. It would not hurt to visit some preschools and talk to the directors and see what they suggest.


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Lorsia - posted on 11/01/2014




I have a nephew who is 5 and behaves this way, he was recently diagnosed with Autism. Very similar symptoms. Communicates with hand signals, doesn't say complete sentences,repeats what you say. Other wise very bright child. But he is not very into being touched much or being held, he sometimes has temper tantrums. But on the other hand, I have a 4 year old grandson who wasn't much of a talker. Said very few words until my son put him in pre-school. he now talks up a storm with some language therapy help from the school. Sometimes they just need a little help with language. If every thing checks out physically I would have him evaluated for a possible form of Autism. If he is autistic that doesn't mean there is no help for him. There are so many levels and so much can be done to help now days. I also Have a niece with Autism, she is 14 and has made great strides with help.

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