My Three year old is driving me crazy.........

Kate - posted on 04/16/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay, so my daughter is a few weeks from turning three. And she has been keeping me on edge this past month, being completely defiant and of course completely independent. I have been trying different ways to get her to listen and nothing is sticking. I have spanked her about 3 times in her whole life and it works but I personally feel like thats the only way she will listen and I do not want to be a mom who spanks consistently. I hate doing it even once and I work in Chilcare and I know the effects that it can have on a child.
Another thing that has been effective is yelling. She stops what ever she is doing when I yell, because I'm normally pretty quiet. But I really have to raise my voice for her to respond and for her to know how her behavior is effecting me, so the issue with that is she acts this way everywhere so I really don't want to raise my voice like that in public because I'm not an abusive parent but people tend to see that very negatively and i hate confrontation.
My final thing is that my husband and I are discussing having another child, could she possibly sense the possible change? She is very intelligent, and observant so this could be a possibility.
Any thought? Suggestions? Encouragement? Free Bahama vacation???????!!!!!!! Hahahahaha


Sasha - posted on 04/28/2015




I think its pretty normal my daughter has been acting the same way anything she can do to push me on edge you just have to stand your ground and let her know who is in charge when my daughter does things and doesn't listen I tell her she cant go outside and play with her friends and that usually works so just start taking favorite toys and when shes good give them back just reward good behavior and make her realize when shes acting out there are consequences her daddy tells her hes going to smack her but and she straightens right up and he has never had to whoop her I guess its his firm voice

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