My three year old son's sleeping habits have gone AWOL. Need some suggestions on how to bring it back to a healthy state.

Shimika - posted on 11/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




He was fine a couple weeks ago, i have no idea what caused it. But he had started acting up quite a bit towards bed time lately. Could be the fact the he goes to either my partners parents place or my parents. For they are a bit more lenient to his demands.

Eitherway, when we try to put him in his bed at 8:30pm like usual, He already looks like he has crashed, but now he fights until around midnight before he finally falls asleep.
At times he throws a massive fit before bed and demands that he sleeps in our bed. We try to put him to bed in his own room but he refuses to even let us change him. So we fall into his demands and try to sleep at 8:30pm with him. Instead he turns from grouchy tired to hyperactive ball of fury. Jumping around disturbing me and my partners rest aswell. At those times he doesnt go to sleep until the early AM's.

Not only has his sleeping pattern been wreked but so has ours.
Mornings are even worse when we dont have to work, we end up sleeping in until 11am because of how wrecked my partner and I were from trying to put our son to sleep.

I need some suggestions please!! Its quite urgent and i will be forever grateful.


Sarah - posted on 11/20/2014




You need to get back into the routine and back into staying with the routine. You need to put him into bed in his room. Do the bedtime routine and then say goodnight and leave the room....don't argue or fight with him. If he comes out of the room put him back in without saying anything......keep doing that until he stays in his room. The first night might be a LONG night.....but you are already having LONG nights......with setting the limits you will get better results then you will with giving in. You have to be consistent and not give in! Also DON'T sleep in! I know that is what you want to do to try to get your rest, but what that does is continue to create this routine of not falling asleep until really late. If he is looking really tired by 8:30pm you may want to up the bedtime to 8:00pm. This may or may not be the issue....sometimes when kids get overtired it actually makes it harder for them to settle down and go to bed.


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