my toddler doesnt eat very much

Alwen - posted on 10/06/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




i have twin boys and they are 2 1/2, one is eating very well but the other doesnt, he is very fussy, when he was younger he wasnt but now breakfast, lunch and dinner is a battle, the only thing he will take no problem is milk, he will drink 3 full bottles a day, one day he will eat everything but then a long stretch of very bad eating. has anyone got any advice they can give me to help me throw these very stressful times


Suzie - posted on 10/16/2012




My daughter was like that at his age and I am a nutritionist so I was paranoid about it... But it all ends up working itself out in the end. Now she is three and eats well. She's the only three year old who thinks its a treat of Mussels in red sauce! haha

If he is maintaining and growing, I wouldn't worry to much about it. I would just make sure you have a lot of healthy foods to choose from, make sure he takes a good multi-vitamin (Flinestones my first vitamin is a good one or Animal Parade Gold just 1) and he will be fine!

I remember thinking how is she even growing? But she did. Still 90% for height and 75% for weight. Go firgure.

Now if he is not growing and beginning to fall behind on his weight as a result of not eating well, then I would say start turning to the nutrient dense supplements like pedia-sure. But I would do this as last resort. The last thing you want is twins (I am one) fighting over things being unfair and your son never developing a taste for foods other than chocolate milk.

Mary - posted on 10/15/2012




On the day he eats everything, make sure he has a lot of good healthy food available. Try leaving out the milk on those days, since he gets so much of it other days. Look at his overall diet for a week, and don't focus too much on day-to-day.

Gina - posted on 10/15/2012




My son is 4 and he has been a very picky eater since he was 2 and crazy about his chocolate milk which that was all he wanted, i have gave him small portions of varity of foods to try. his weight was not going up and the dr had put him on pediasure wich helped but now he is 4 and still is not eating but will say he is hungry threw out the day. i give him his glass of milk when he eats a couple bites of his food. just keep a record of their favorite foods and try to combine them with different types of meals, give him small portions but different varietys of food my son loves fruit and chicken and applesauce.

Courtney - posted on 10/07/2012




i can daughter is two and we have a hard time getting her to eat. Our doctor recommended us to cut back the milk and Ive had to learn they will eat when they are hungry. But it is hard, we are still trying to figure out our daughters diet. Maybe instead of having him drink the milk first offer yogurt or the baby go gurts (i think that's how you spell it but its those yogurt push pops). Since he likes milk offer other dairy products to supplement instead of so much milk.

my daughter wont try a lot of foods and only eat a lot of fruits and pizza and occasional chicken. Hopefully they will our grow it but I understand your frustration. Hope this helps at all.

Jenni - posted on 10/06/2012




I know it can be really stressful seeing your toddler eat like a bird but it's normal for children at this age to go through fussy phases. I have 3 children ages 5, 4 and 2.5 and they all go through it off and on. Sometimes they'll be constantly hungry and then they'll just pick at their plate. My son is the most picky but by not pushing and just offering he's expanded is repertoire. I still choose what he eats for meals but I let him choose his own healthy snacks. He decides what he eats from the plate and how much. I still encourage him to try new things but I don't push the issue and turn it into a battle of wills.


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