My toddler loves tv and I want to stop feeling guilty for it

Al - posted on 07/30/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have an almost 3 yr old ( 3 in October ). She's incredibly intellegent and over all awesome. We welcomed her new brother to the family in December do he's 7 months now. Werr all happy but...

And please bare with me...

My life Is a mess right now. Every day I'm legit in survival mode. I'm exausted. First few months were great when baby was born as me and my toddler had a lot of one on one time together. The older he got the harder his naps became, the hungrier he was, the clingier hw got. All this is FINE but my toddler isn't the type that qill last playing alone for long periods of time. We've always been joined to the hip so we did eveyrhing together. I never minded tv because I love tv as well. Before baby we did 3 hours a day of tv and we were happy. To some that may sound like a lot but I'm a sahm who legit stays at home most of the time. I don't own a car for Financial reasons right now. We still managed to walk to a lot of places and do lots of activities ( pinterest) stuff during the day to balance it all out. But now it's ridiculous ! The house is a frigging disaster , I cook and manage the kids and bills. I get no help from hubby cuz his work scheduale is terrible abd he barely has time for us. Let alone I have no family here. The summer stinks this year and I sweat just opening ip my front door ! So we're couped in most of th e time. Between being exausted ( no good sleep during the night or day ) I feel depleted. I gave up on fighting the tv battle with my daughter cuz she will happily lay therr under the blanket for long stretches and watch.
We do socialize together, read stories etc but I feel loke this season of my life is so horrible and I just need to get though it until fall starts and weather is decent tk spend more time outdoors.
She qill play with her blocks or color or paint or do something but not for long. We listen to music and have dance parties. We have play dates at least twice a week.

I feel like a horrible horrible mom because I WANT her to watch because we're all hot and lazy but I fe bad to want it.

We can't start day care as its flipping expensive for part time !! And preschool isn't for another year. Please tell me that it's just a bad season of my life and it'll get better once my head is back in the game whenever that is. I really feel lost, scared, depleted.


Karen - posted on 08/02/2016




Just relax. Just breathe. You're doing fine. There really is nothing wrong with watching TV and maybe start game play? My older kids can't wait to show my littles how to play video games. I'm sure everyone else will say that's bad. But think about it. Technology wasn't around like it is now. So the old school have to adapt more TV more video games. Besides where I live right now it's so hot you can't take the kids out until like 10 o'clock at night so mine are watching a lot of TV too just breathe mama just breathe

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