My Toddler wont eat anything except fruits and veggies! HELP!

Kayla - posted on 03/11/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 2, and chicken is the only meat she will really eat... everything else she just takes a bite and spits it out and she usually does that with chicken too unless she is really hungry. She mainly only wants fruits and veggies or Junk food and even with those she doesn't eat very much of them no matter how hard I try. Any Idea's? Thoughts? Suggestions??

Thank you!! :)


Carrie - posted on 03/13/2012




I am sure she will grow out of it but at least she is eating veggies and fruit. What about beans, will she maybe eat refried beans with cheese on top? There are other ways to get protein (peanut butter, beans, etc.) Definitely cut out the snack/junk foods. Like Laura said, just tell her she will eat what you are serving and if not, then she won't eat. Maybe try some fun ways with lunch meat, roll up turkey around a pickle or whatever she likes or around a carrot, celery, etc. cut out the lunch meat with a cookie cutter and make fun sandwiches. That might help.. Hang in there.

Laura - posted on 03/11/2012




Well I know it may sound harsh, but she will eat when she is hungry. My daughter was the exact same way so my pediatrician recommended cutting out ALL snack food and just being persistant and not giving in. The doctor made a good point about how just one "little" snack cake is so crammed full of sugar and carbohydrates that it will make her seem full but it has no nutricional value. Keep offering her the same thing throughout the day and she will get the hint that what you're offering is what she's going to get. It can't hurt to try it for a few days and at least see how it works :) Also, make sure that she's not just walking around with a cup and drinking and drinking throughout the day because that will make her feel full too. Sometimes we don't realise just how much we give them to drink in a day! I didn't even realise with my son that he was drinking almost half a gallon of milk in a day! (He was 4 at the time) I hope this helps a little!


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Vicki - posted on 03/15/2012




Is she happy, active, running around like a toddler should? Fruit and veggies is great, if that's what she wants let her have it. If she was listless, loose skin tone etc then I'd be worried but otherwise go with it. I'd keep having protein available to her and she'll eat it when ready.

Kayla - posted on 03/15/2012




Thank you all very much for idea's and help! They were very helpful and I will DEFINITELY try them and let you know if it works! ♥


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