my toddlers are very misbehaved what to do?

Brandi - posted on 05/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm getting really stressed out because my 2 year old and 3 year old are really misbehaved. neither of them listen to me at all, if I put them in the corner they will scream the entire time and then 5 minutes after they get out they will go do whatever they did to get in the corner the first time again. The 2 year old hurts my cat all day long....and he will go stick his hand/arm in my dogs mouth PURPOSELY to make the dog bite him (not hard bites, just chewing soft bites) then he will scream but he won't move Away From the dog. And the 3 year old thinks he can do everything and what ever he wants whenever he wants. Yesterday he ran out the front door towards the road because he wanted to go outside (even though we were outside in the fenced in backyard when he did that) we take them to parks and play places all the time and all they do is go where they're not supposed to and do what they want. They don't deserve to go places fun like that but I still bring them anyway....the 3 year old has the WORST attitude! He will talk back to me and dad EVERY TIME we say stop. If we say stop, he goes "NO! YOU STOP MOMMY!" and we could argue for hours and he wouldn't give up....I don't let it go on that long but, if I don't fix that now he will be talking back to me his whole life. Or if I tell him no, he will be like "yes! Stop mommy!" I don't know what to do to make them be better, it's so hard. they don't play with toys, they THROW all their toys out of the toy box and then sit in the toy box For a minute then do something else. The 3 year old WILL NOT eat for me or his dad, he only eats for the babysitter and grandma....he usually won't even take a bite of his favorite food. I make what HE wants everyday so he will eat it but he still won't eat. Then 5 minutes later he will want a snack. But I don't give him the snack cause he refused to eat his meal. it's draining me so bad, they think it's funny when they're being bad, or when they go in time out it doesn't even phase them. Idk what to do :(


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Michelle - posted on 05/20/2015




First, stop arguing with your children. At this point, they think it is a game to scream and cause a commotion because they are getting the attention that they want.

Whatever your husband and you decide to do, try to be consistent. One option: If you want your children to stop a certain behavior, tell them once and warn them of the consequence if they do it again. If they do not stop, do not argue, just pick them up and put them in their time out (or whatever the consequence is). As long as they are crying or screaming or running after you, you just pick them up in silence each and every time and return them to the time out. When they calm down and are ready to listen, then you can talk to them more calmly about what they did and how it makes you feel, and how that will be what will happen each time. Eventually, they will associate "misbehavior" with being left out of participating, rather than with getting a rise out of mom and dad.

Stop making everything a fight. If he doesn't eat, then just have him sit at the table and wait until everyone is finished eating.

However, I do have to point out that your children are very young still. At ages 2 and 3, they have very short attention spans and won't do everything that you wish them to do. With your guidance, they will learn to do the right things.

Good luck!

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