my two year old boy

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My baby doesn't want to eat anything ,for whole day he'll not eat .I have to force him to eat.


Mama - posted on 03/22/2014




Hi Ayesha,

You are such a thoughtful and caring mom. You took the time to reach out to the circle to do the best for your son. He is so lucky to have such a nurturing soul in his life.

I've talked to lots of moms about this when I had this happen to me, and it seems that this is perfectly normal. My son went through that stage too (and he's 2 as well).

Good news: The struggle is over. You don't need to force him. You can go with the flow.

It's possible that is is getting his 2-year molars (the most painful and it takes the longest to come in). You may not see them yet, but it can cause swelling and inflammation then.

What worked with my son: home made smoothies and frozen fruit like frozen blueberries or cut up mango or banana. Since he would definitely eat smoothies, I made sure I would prepare the smoothie to have the highest nutrient content possible.

Here's a healthy chocolate shake recipe I'd give my son (and he loves it, he drinks one every day): Blend a handful of spinach in water (or coconut water, or rice milk or soy milk...dairy tends to product mucus, so I steer away from it and my son has never been sick a day in his life.). Once that's blended really well (about 1 minute), I add an avocado, a banana, 3 tablespoonfuls of unsweetened cocoa, 6 dates (more if it needs to be sweeter), a handful of nuts/seeds, and any berries I may have on hand. If it's not sweet enough I add honey or agave or maple syrup (sugar can have side effects like hyper boy and then crash-tantrum boy, so I steer clear. The other sweeteners don't have the same effect). Blend in the blender on the highest setting for 2 more minutes to make it really smooth and creamy. Then taste it. This recipe can be varied with whatever you have on hand.

Whenever my son went on a solid food strike, I didn't worry. I was sneaking him a nutrient-dense cocktail to stack the decks in his favor.

I hope this helps!

In support,
Mama Angela

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