my two year old is no longer sleeping through the night


Heather - posted on 01/02/2011




this is very normal. and it is just a phase and it will end. I suggest you just cuddle her and let her know that it is sleep time but you are there for her. This is not time to talk or eat or drink or play it is time to sleep. Night night!
then you can pretend to fall back to sleep. Sometimes they just need some reassurence and a rub on the back and they will drift back off. Alot of time this happens close to the time they are ready to give up napping so maybe if you shorten nap or make it earlier that may help. Also this happens more in the winter when kids are not outside running quite as much so if you try to make a point to have him out as much as possible and getting sunlight and run around time that may help. Another thing that may help is making sure his nutrition is as high as possible...make sure he is eating lots of fresh raw fruits and veggies every day and staying away from junk and processed foods and dyes and preservatives. The better their n utrition the better their body's work. I hope this helps :o) good luck

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