My two year old pottying on herself any suggestions?

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I just had a newborn baby three weeks ago tomorrow. My two year old took to her very well, but i amstarting to see changes in her. She has been potty trained she has been potty trained since eighteen months old. When Savannah came(my newborn) she started acting different. Now dont get me wrong she loves her little sister she helps out alot and she doesnt complain about it. A few nights ago she started pottying in her sleep and we explaine to her that she was a big girl and big girls ont do that so last night she did not potty on herself she understans very well. Today in the middle of the day she just stood there and pooped on herself and she never does that. So it kind of threw me off gaurd and im wondering what could be targeting this someone please help.


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please try and not react to this behaviour as it is classic of reacting to her new sister and is a super big adjustment. this is how she is handling her stress, and may be a setback here and there for awhile. kids have been known to need special attention, just like the new baby, and here is a way to get it even if it means negative attention. so, to iron this out, just have special time with just her, and not to get angry or worried about the toileting set backs, it will go back to normal -just dont rush her. or dont nag either. Reminding gently and more attention just for her from yourself. This is hard, good luck with both

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