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My two year old son is the pickiest eater I know (not that I really know too many small children, but work with me here). He has a very weird list of foods that are acceptable to him for consumption, and it's constantly changing. I've tried several different tactics to get him to eat easily, or even just eat what we put in front of him, but getting him to just TRY what we make is a battle in itself. My husband and I like a wide variety of food, and we cook all the time, so he's getting plenty of varieties to try, but he staunchly refuses. On top of that, his list of favorite things changes to the point where he won't even eat something he loved and demanded the week before (PB&J, grilled cheese, potatoes, etc.). Does anyone have any tactics, advice, recipes, or anything that I can use? I know this is just a phase (he was a good eater as a baby), but it's frustrating.


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I'm having they same issue with my 2 year old daughter a lady suggested to me on here to cut their food into shapes and another said to try cutting their dinner up and give them a tooth pick so I'm going to try them I will let u know if either work for us .....hang in there hopefully it will get better for us"..... Oh here are some recipes my little girl ate and eats every time preschool cooks for her 1: beef Che mien
Tray of mince , 1 x pk beef 2 minute noodles , garlic & jar of pasta sauce
Method :
Cook the 2 minute noodles first .
Cook mince add the garlic and pasta sauce once that's done mix the 2 min noodles into it and serve..
2 : pasta Roma
1 bag penne pasta
3 x cans tomato soup
2 x cups milk
1x cup greated cheese
Pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups purée veggies
Cook past first leave aside once cooked
Put everything else in a pot bring it to the boil
Pour the pasta in and serve

Hope one on these work for u once I get a couple more that she likes I'll give them too you if you would like to try them too good luck

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