Need advice on Stranger Danger!!!!

Contessa - posted on 10/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3 yr old daughter will run up to anyone and give them hugs and talk to them. I am trying to teach her about Stranger Danger. It scares me that she is that comfortable around strangers and its mostly men. I don't want to scare her but she needs some guiding, does anyone have any ideas on how I can talk to her? Or know any videos about Stranger Danger?


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Heather - posted on 10/07/2010




my son is social most of the time but he was taught to only talk to strangers if mommy or daddy are around. even if the people talk to him while we're around he most of the time looks at me like can i talk to him/her. i guess that comes from his preschool. He came home last year and said "u know what u do to strangers?" i asked "what" he replied "you poke them in th eye." i called the school to see why they are teaching my kid to randomly poke a stranger in the eye it was then that it came out that they were taught if a stranger is trying to hurt them or take them they poke them in the eye. lol

Maggie - posted on 10/06/2010




My 4 year old is social - he'll talk to anyone anywhere anytime. I don't have a problem with it! As far as the hugs; I'd do what Hesti said. Explain to her that hugs are just for people who you know really well.

As long as you are with her she should be able to talk to anyone she wants. I see no reason for her not to talk to men/women/children that she finds interesting. The idea that every man is out to molest your child is insane. Most adults LOVE kids and are very amused when a little chatterbox wants to talk to them.

Check out this website:

Hesti - posted on 10/06/2010




My daughter is also 3, very social and loves people, I do tell her that we only hug and kiss the members of our family and made it a fun activity 'counting down' who all our family members are, including granparents and her cousin. When we are out in public places I stay close to her and make sure that we are seen together, and she knows that its ok to talk to people when mom is there with her, she also knows its a rule not to walk/run away or hide when we are out somewhere, don't underestimate her because of her age, they are much more able to learn and understand than we give them credit for! Please don't wait to start giving her 'the talk', browse some of the Barney & Friends titels, there sure to be one on the subject.

Good luck!

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