Need help with 3yrs old, who needs to go to DAYCARE!!!!!

Leslie - posted on 04/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello I'm new to this group (circle of moms) and I would like to get advice in how to help my 3yrs old to like daycare. His dad was taking care of him until now, because he started to work, and my son who has to go to daycare now, doesn't like it at all, he cry all day, and usually I heard that they will cry for 30 min. and then stop but mine has been cryed for more than 3 hours. Any suggestion


Anita - posted on 04/01/2013




Hello Leslie,
Welcome to the group. When it comes to putting a child into daycare (its now called childcare) for the first time it can take them two weeks or longer to begin understanding that one you are coming back and two that the children are his friends and his teacher is his friend too. With this said you need to go to the teacher and say my child is interested in blank and is there any way you can get him involved in something that he is interested in. If that is too hard for the teacher to do them you need to send an object with him for a safety net such as a bear or blanket. I work with children and trust me it does take time for the child to get used to it. In my classroom we have a family wall with pictures of the children's parents when they are sad we tell them go to quiet corner and look at mommy and daddy. This seems to help them calm down. As a teacher (well future teacher cause I am not there yet) we can not hold the child all day long because when another child gets hurt we need to be right there as fast as possible. I hope that this helps you out. Just know that your three year old will get used to it trust me you are NOT alone.

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