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I'm stuck I would like to know what do you do with your children when you are having to rush around in the morning cleaning getting ready because I see myself falling into a rut with putting my child infront of the tv. I have toys around her but they don't satisfy her attention enough for me to do all I need to do?


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Donna - posted on 04/04/2009




yeah i understand what you mean i have two boys , 2and a half and 3 months old it's really hard trying to entertain them and cook , clean do washing etc I do let my older child have a sponge and give him some water 2 help me(although is sometimes defeats the object of what im trying to do) but try not to worry about the house too much you always manage to do it eventually.

As hard as it is dont feel guilty leaving her to moan a bit and then give her your attention when your finished , you cant be everything all the time but soon she will start entertaining herself more the older she gets . Hope this helps

Jennie - posted on 04/04/2009




I put music on and my kids love to dance and sing and they are 3, 2 and 2moths and they all love music good luck

Antoinette - posted on 04/02/2009




What I have done with my son (now 22months) and this may sound a little strange bu he enjoys it is...while I vacuum I give him a broom and dust pan (his size) and he "sweeps". When putting away dishes I let him "help" with putting away plastic bowls and the lighter stuff. When I dust he has his own duster to "help". Basically I let him "help" mommy and he has fun. Keep in mind he really isn't cleaning or anything but he is being occupied as I do as I need. All the while we do this we have his music playing in the back ground and we dance as we "work". Like I said earlier it may sound odd but we both have a lot of fun. Try it with your little ones and be a little patient as they are "helping" but I guarentee you will be having the time of your life as you never had before when it comes to cleaning. I also only do certain chores certain days and give housework a brush off a couple of days out of the week. Best wishes

Jen - posted on 04/02/2009




I know what you mean. I once asked one of our babysitters to come over and play with my daughter so that I could clean my house. I usually try to clean when my daughter takes a nap or on Fridays when my husband and I are off and she's at day care. My daughter isn't interested in TV so I don't have to worry about the tv being a babysitter, but I also know that she doesn't want to play while mommy is trying to do things around the house. I hate it when she stands at the gate and crys for mommy to pick her up (she's 16 months). When she was smaller we put her in the backpack and she would clean with us lol. I hope more moms have some ideas because I'd also love to know.

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