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Sarah - posted on 02/16/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




I am home all day with my 2yr old and I need more ideas of easy, cheap, fun things for us to do.


User - posted on 02/16/2009




I have a hard time with this too, as activities are always so mood-dependant! I have a two yr old boy, and the best thign in the world according to him is going for a bus ride! He loves buses, so sometimes we just go to a bus station and watch them. You can also go to parks with her. Try introducing her to trees and sticks and rocks. We purchased an inexpensive wagon and we go for wagon rides quite a bit too. Some more social activities to try are to take her out to a coffee shop. Take a couple board books but you can get yourself a treat and her a treat, and hang out with her for 20 mins or so. If you have any malls nearby go to them and let her run around. During the day on weekdays is usually the best time bc it's less busy. Check out play groups or organize your own. If you want to stay hom, try arts and crafts. Cut up some fun shapes for her to decorate with markers or paint. You can also use a glue stick and get her to sprinkle stuff like glitter or coloured paper on top. Tupperware dishes are amazing stacking tools, and if you have baking dishes (unbreakable ones) and wooden spoons, let her "bake." My son who is almost 2, helps me bake for real by dumping pre-measured stuff into the bowl and stirring it up for me.  Also try googling "toddler activities" Try to get a legitimate parenting site, and they have tons of activity ideas for each age group. Good luck!


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Mitar014 - posted on 08/30/2014




Currently I work with my daughter on her abc's, numbers, colors, shapes, and phonics, and I try to make learning fun. We read lots of books and make weekly visits to the library. Sensory bins are fun and are great at this age. You can google or even look up sensory bins on pinterest. This summer I grabbed up some regular balloons, filled them with water and let my kids throw them around outside. They get a few more throws out of the regular balloons before they actually break. We also did a lot of crafts and made homemade playdough and slime. You can check out your local library and see if they have a reading program for tots as well. Involve them in as much as you can, even if it is just daily chores. They are still learning and can have fun.

Tanesha - posted on 02/18/2009




Hi Sarah,

See if your library has the "Busy Books" by Trish Kuffner. They SAVED me when I was trying to find things to do with my DD, also 2. I bought all of them super-cheap off amazon because my library doesn't have them, but The Toddler's Busy Book and Wiggle-and-Giggle Busy Book are my favorites. I literally plan out a week of activities just like I do our meals, LOL! These books have HUNDREDS of great ideas, as well as recipes for homemade play-dough, paint, glue, and a bunch of other things you can make cheap vs. buy to do crafts. A lot of the ideas are things you'll remember doing when you were a kid, and some are more complicated/involved to do than others.

Now DD and I do a quick (10-15 minute) craft in the morning, and either another craft or movement/music activity in the afternoon, almost everyday! She loves it, and what's great is we repeat many of the ones she really enjoys, so I don't always have to find a new activity, LOL. At this age they're happy as pie with some fingerpaints and paper or dancing around to music. I keep all the supplies in a box we decorated using plain wrapping paper and stamps with paint. She knows what it means when I say, "Let's get out the Crafty Box!" She jumps up and down with excitement, it's so cute.

As the weather warms up, we'll do more out of the house activities, and where I live here in DC there are lots of cheap/free things to do. But I understand about the colder months having to do more indoors, and being bored. My only issue with going to malls and coffeshops a lot is I tend to SPEND $$ there, or am too tempted to eat off my diet plan, and so I try and only do those once a week or even every other. Getting together with other Moms is also a great idea, and you can use these crafts to get all of you having fun together!

Good Luck!

Jessica - posted on 02/18/2009




Another idea is to let your child interact with other kids for a while at your local gym if you belong to one. There is usually a kiddie area or daycare room where they can go play for a while and it gives mommy a little break during the day to workout or attend a class if you are into that sort of thing. We also go to the library once a week or every other week to look at books and attend story time. My son loves it.

Susan - posted on 02/17/2009




Our saving grace is a parachute from lillian vernon, they love to play around with it and you can stand in the middle and blow bubbles while it is snowing outside!

We also have a tupperware container with corn meal and various sandbox toys. I put it on a big bed sheet and they play away, it is messy, but they also enjoy the cleanup. We usually follow it up with some hiding under the sheet and making a fort!

Rachel - posted on 02/17/2009




Aiden is currently coloring w/washable markers. He is learning to use just paper. ;) Right now he and my floor are multi-color, but both wash up nicely.

He loves cars or things with moving wheels, as does sister (of course) cookie cutters (plastic), tupperware, anything he can play the drums on.

On the weekends, when I have help (his sister is 10m younger) we go to parks, the zoo, malls to walk, car rides. I want to get him some chalk so he can color outside. My oldest son is going to put up a fence, and I check Craigslist a lot for used kids toys. Aiden loves to look at books, if his sister isn't trying to eat them. We read a lot, I sing silly songs, making up words ;)
If all else fails, I get on the floor and roll around with the kiddos ;) which they seem to dig!

[deleted account]

Is there a parent/toddler group in your area???
I let me kids play with play dough, bake and decorate cookies, make rice crispies buns (cereal and chocolate), cut out pcture from magazines/catalogues and make pictures or cards. We use jigsaws.
My two also love to make scrap books of their favourite toys, add pictures of friends and family and add little things from a day out.

Another suggestion is if you have a friend with a children around your childs age, make paly dates at each other houses so atleast your child has other toys and activities at their house and you also have some adult company.

Hope this of help.

Claudia - posted on 02/17/2009




Oh I see you'll be playing "tea time" real soon!   I have a 3.5 yr old boy and I've been home with him since day 1...  He is very active so on cold days/weeks I have to get creative.  At first it was building blocks, reading books, coloring ,etc.... but now that he's older it's more like hide-n-seek in the house,  indoor baseball (with soft nerf balls), pirates (putting the couch pillows on the floor and building a fort, he's on the computer for some game time for about 30minutes, or we do have some favorite movies but being a boy he won't last the entire movie.. he likes to "act out" the scenes.   I like the idea of an indoor picnic , maybe we'll try that one.

Karen - posted on 02/16/2009




I've been staying home with my toddlers all day for the past two years (they're 3 1/2 now). We do a lot of music activities, reading, and puzzles. I try to make it to the library or bookstore once a week with them for story time. Barnes & Nobles had a train table. If not, I'll either go for a walk at the mall and make it a scavenger hunt (who can find the number 3? type of questions), or the coffee shop where they have a small play corner. If we don't make it out due to snowy weather, then we spend the afternoon doing things like coloring, building wtih blocks, or I'll hide things and make my own scavenger hunt in the house. I also switch their toys around every week so that they don't get bored with them. Occasionally I'm really desparate and we do things like indoor picnic or beach day in the bathtub in the master bath (which is really deep). I hope that gives you some ideas!

Sarah - posted on 02/16/2009




Thank You for those ideas I guess I should have mentioned that we live in a snowy cold place. I hvaed tried the cooking and it ended up her playing in the sink and water EVERY WHERE!! I wil try some of your ideas

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