Need urgent help with my daughter

Mishka - posted on 01/20/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter's name is Mira, she is 2 years and 10 months. Born and brought up in Dubai with her grand parents, dad, uncles, aunts , friends, nursery school, all being there. Me and my daughter camr here in August and for 3 months stayed with my brother n his wife n his new born daughter, my parents who Mira is extremely close to were there as well. Mira used to miss her dad a lot as he works in dubai only and we decided till I dont get a job he wont come here as ome income is very important. In November my parents went back and after 10 days my Husband came down to canada to visit us. We shifted to a new apartment and mira enjoyed her time wid her father and me. He went back to Dubai first week of december. Mira seemed fine to me at that time. But recently i noticed a major change in her
Mira has completely stopped talking all of a sudden she does not respond to anything and is always in her own dream world. Her teachers have also called me and told me that she is not responding to them in class and they started noticing this one week after her dad left.
Sits alone when they ask her something she does not answer. They have asked me to take her to Paediatrician and that she needs some help
She does not talk to me also at all, not answering when asked something
Always sitting on her own, either tv or just lying down
Does not like to play anything gets tired very fast not making friends nothing. Im extremely tensed and thinking should I go back to Dubai? She is not my old Cheerful Mira she used to be. Im very very depressed. I need help bad.
She does not tell me she is sleepy hungry wants to go to washroom nothing at all
She does not talk to me at all i askher i talk to her but no reply whatsoever

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