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Colleen - posted on 02/06/2010




He seems to like mushy foods so maybe start introducing some crunch and texture slowly. Start by doing different versions of the foods he likes. Do a soft boiled egg and give him toast fingers to dip into the runny yolk. You can also do toast fingers with peanut butter and honey for breakfast every alternate day to the porridge. Try giving him carrot sticks with his mash and sardine lunch instead of mixing it all together. Instead of mash and scrambled egg you could maybe cut in half and boil some new potatoes to which you've added some chopped up hard boiled egg, you can add a little olive oil for extra flavour. Once he gets used to the added 'crunch' factor and the variety you can slowly add a few more foods to the mix. Grated carrot and chopped orange salad is full of vitamin c and deliciously fresh.

Codie - posted on 02/05/2010




my daughter is extremely picky aswell, and i have had to become quite creative. she likes tomato sauce and hates veggies, so i have to mix her veggies in with tomato sauce in order for her to eat them. try just mixing everything with things he likes and slowly move them out of the one food to the next.

Maggie - posted on 02/05/2010




Quesadillas (cheese and small chunks of meat), PB & J or Turkey and Cheese Sammies (cut out with cooking cutters they love that) Mac n Cheese of course but you can throw veggies and meats in with it to ensure they get it. Rice casseroles with cheese (my son will eat anything with cheese) Snack time I usually cut up apples or pears into sticks and also cut up cheese into cubes and he loves that! For breakfast we do french toast with fruit on top or pancakes, he also loves an egg quesadilla!

Tummyruth - posted on 02/04/2010




Thanks Maggie. I will definitely try that. Hope he will understand what i'll be trying to do. Ohh Kids

Maggie - posted on 02/04/2010




try mixing different foods into the porridge. I am assuming it's like oatmeal so you can add banana, berries, apples, cinnamon, yogurt, really anything. Mix things into the scrambled eggs like cheese, salsa (mild!), even hot dogs or beans for protien. Start mixing other veggies into the lunch - you can put broccoli, corn, peas, sweet potato and mix it with the carrots, too.

Try letting him help you make things - stir or pour dry ingredients. You can also make things into fun shapes like a flower made of an apple slice for the middle and orange slices for the petals. Make a outdoor scene with broccol for trees, rice for grass or sand, gravy for a small stream, peas and corn for flowers in the field or shells on the beach. Even if you just cut his sandwich into shapes (cookie cutters) he might eat it better. Try hummus on a sandwich, or egg salad. Get creative! Make it look fun, let him play with it a bit and I bet he'll eat it like a champ!

Another thing - even if he only takes one bite it's still good. He tried it! Keep trying it every other day for a few days and see if it grows on him. Make sure you're eating the things too and overexaggerate how delicious they are.

Tummyruth - posted on 02/04/2010




Thanks Jennifer, He is 1yr 6 months. For breakfast he only wants soft brown porridge which I don't think is healthy for everyday breakfast. I mix his porridge with honey and peanutbutter. He does not like oats or weetbix. For lunch, he loves his mash potato mixed with carrot or sardine fish with olive oil. Dinner is scrabble eggs and mash. My problem is that he only like to eat the mentioned only. when we try something he refuse to eat.

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How old is he? My son eats everything that we eat. Small pieces of meat, a vegetable, and either sweet potato, potato, or rice. He loves his potatoes mashed and likes to dip his meat in either ketchup or A1 Sauce (my husband taught him that). Quick finger food include Tyson's chicken nuggets or fish sticks. He also loves Kraft mac and cheese and spaghetti. For lunch we do fruit with grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly. For breakfast he has oatmeal, pancakes, or a waffle. I buy the frozen kind and he eats them with a banana or berries. I also try and do healthy snacks during the day like apple slices or another kind of fruit with a slice of cheese or yogurt.

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