Night Terrors

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Hello Mothers!
I have a 4 year old daughter who this past September has been dealing with Night Terrors, one of the worst things a mother has to experience. The episodes are so daunting it makes me cry every time i witness these episodes. I feel helpless and can't do anything to comfort her as she does not recognize that I am right next to her. So it began it Arizona when she got really ill, I believe the medication and fever alarmed her to have a NT, that was the worst episode i had been exposed to. Finally it has subsided and i am able to hug her and hold her until she falls back asleep again, it only last a few minutes thank God! This is taking over my life. I have even become religious about it, i splashed her with holy water and made a promise to God that i would lent 3 days a week for the rest of my life just to see this go away with his guidance. Yes I am religious :)). This seemed to help it has been 3 days so far and no NT. The question now becomes do they come back. What should i Expect? How do mothers seem to get pass this? Please help with comfort as this is all i think about.


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My daughter started having night terrors shortly after i seperated from my now ex husband. i talked to her dr about them and he suggested going in shortly before they happen(cause hers were always the same time of night) and wake her up, get a glass of water then try taking her potty then put her back to bed. i did this with my daughter and it really seemed to help. its been about 6 months or so since her last episode, Hoping she doesnt have anymore

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