night terrors or waking up hungy??

Tamara - posted on 08/21/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 18mo son still wakes usually once during the night and I am not sure if it is because he is hungry or having bad dreams, I usually give him some milk and settle him again which works (I really want to stop the milk during the night). How can I tell if they are bad dreams?


Carla - posted on 08/22/2011




Hi, My son is 3 and around 18 months he was doing the same thing. i cant say that this is the best course of action, but it worked for me. i made sure my son had a snack about 1 hour before bed nomally toast or something equally light and a glass of warm milk with his bed time story. by doing this, i was sure that there was no reason for him to be hungry or thirsty. if he then woke up i put him straight to bed no talking, just a quick cuddle and a kiss and straight to bed. that settled him into a better sleeping routine. no problems since then. is your son waking up distressed or crying? maybe take a minure to calm him by just holding him, but try not to interact or talk. if his gotten used to waking in the middle of the night, then you need to break that pattern, if his waking cause of bad dreams then maybe try a story time routine to possibly help navigate his dreams to a happier place.

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