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Whitney - posted on 11/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a three year old little girl, who still wears diapers at night time to sleep in. We tried for about a week letting her wear panties to bed but she would wet them and not get up to say anything, to us. After the first couple of nights I couldnt stand the thoughts of her sleeping all night or well most of the night in a wet bed.

She is wearing panties all day long even through naps but if she is asleep more than an hour or two she wets herself but dont wake up. I really feel like she is too old to be in diapers at night time because she will be 4 in April. But I dont really have any idea of what to do. I dont really want to wake up every hour or two to wake her up and make her potty but I dont want her to be in diapers forever either. Please HELP! I'll take as much advise as I can get!


Angela - posted on 11/03/2009




There are many things that you can try, what works for one child may not be what works with another. I have one child who is 11 and still has night time wetting in her case thing are much different. But with my younger two 3 & 4 I put a potty chair in their room so they can use it at night. That worked for them. Other things to try are -stopping drinks a couple hours before bed and make sure they empty their blatter before they go to sleep, -waking the child before you go to bed to have her use the bathroom one last time. - have them use the bath room every 1/2 hour for 2hr before putting them to bed. -There are medications you can give child to help with wetting the bed but you have to get it from your doctor. I believe they will want her to be older and my child was allergic to it. -There are pull up that look like big girl underwear for them to wear. Your child is still young enough she will most likely out grow this soon all on her own.

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