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Gowthami - posted on 06/02/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hai am gowthami my son Trehan he just turnd 2,was so good in eating his meals 3times a day wid milk n juiecs..but after his 2birthday party the next day he hi§ refusing to eat he just spelling n if am puting hím forcefuly he is crying alot ..i use to feed him wid varíety of meals he loves to eat before bt he is telhng so much worried why he is doing lyk he dont want to eat lyk dat he is having 2Spoons of ríce and some of stil breastfeeding..please gve me the sujestlon


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Alexandra - posted on 07/31/2015




This has to be difficult for you. I would suggest to continue to offer a wide variety of foods frequently throughout the day. My son is very high-energy and doesnt like to sit for meals, so I feed him snacks all day long, and this seems to work. I feed him dry cereal, cheese sandwiches, lots of fruits and vegetables, cheese, chicken, and various other things. It sounds crazy, but I just offer him food all day long.

Meeta - posted on 06/05/2015




Hi Gowthami, I had the same problem with my daughter too.When she turned 2 she suddenly gave up everything she ate. She lived on fruit, Garlic bread, pasta and cheese and rice for a good few months. She will be 4 this yr and still a fussy eater. Apparently its normal for them to behave like this. it does get better, keep offering and hopefully they will accept something. their growth slows down when they turn too so dont feel hungry.

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