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Leslie - posted on 02/01/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Maybe I'm doing something wrong but how am I suppose to handle a toddler who respects nothing I say, throws fits and doesn't care when I take her things away. even time out feels more like a punishment to me instead of her. I also swear she screams an throws fits on purpose when her baby brother is asleep. I'll even explain to he to use her inside voice her brother is sleeping. She doesn't take naps at all an around 5pm she's a little unholy terror.. but that feels far too early to put her to bed.


Sarah - posted on 02/04/2015




Some of it is her just being a toddler. Some of it could be adjusting to having a baby brother and that your attention is sometimes divided. If you don't already try to have a daily routine and schedule. It does not need to be followed by the exact time, but having a daily routine helps with kids to know what comes next in their day. If you can get some outside time in your day.

For discipline be consistent. I find that time outs tend to work more than taking things away......through I do use that at times too. I know what you mean about the screams when in time out. Some of it is because she is mad and some of it is because she knows it bugs you. Find a spot where it came brother the least. To help drown out the noise put a sound machine in brothers room. This will help not wake brother. One thing I did learn with my second is that I can't expect her to tip toe and whisper every time the younger one was napping. Screaming is a different thing, but just your general noises I learned that my younger one learned to sleep through.

For the no napping try to do quiet time. So for about an hour or so have her do something quiet and low key. Reading/looking at books by herself in her bed or on the couch. Watching a movie with laying down in one spot and no talking. Just having that down time can help and sometimes when it is low key they end up falling asleep. Keep quiet time the same time each day. This helps as your body has a natural clock.

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