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Divya - posted on 01/31/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2 year 7 month old son only speaks 6-7 words. Otherwise he only babbles like a 1 year old. He is not interested in reading and don't repeat whatever we say. His hearing is good and follows directions if it's simple. He is a second child. One pead suggest we take him to a speech therapist other said try play school. For both we had difficulty as we are not able to have easy access.
Can I wait for 4-5 months more for a speech therapist? Or will it be harmful for my child?


Anna - posted on 02/03/2016




You could always have him evaluated by a speech therapist. In my experience, my 4 year old never talked more than ball, mom, dad, dog until he started going to speech when he was 2.5 years old. Now we are back to speech to correct his lisp. I would much rather give my kids the help they need now versus having them be made fun of when they start school. Speech can only help!! Only you know whats best for your child!!


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Teeny_2306 - posted on 02/13/2016




My son is the same age. He really likes the iPad which I know, he shouldn't be playing with all the time, but on youtube there is this channel called busy beavers that repeatedly says words, the abcs, colors, numbers and so on and that think taught my kid everything. I just reviewed with him. It is extremely repetitive and he likes the songs. They got stuck in my head all the time too. After he recognized all that, I got him some educational apps asking where is this shape, where is the dog, find the letter a, etc. Its worked for him. You could try that in the meantime if you wait to take him to speech therapy. Every child talks when theyre ready. A friend of mine has a son the same age and she is taking him to speech therapy. So really its just what you feel is right for your son and you know what type of thing would work best for him. My son loves the iPad so I had to work with him that way. I really wouldn't worry about him not talking yet... I think He will come around when he is ready, my goddaughter is the same age as my son and talks some kind of sentences and another friend of mines 3 year old is talking gibberish still so everyone is different. maybe have your first child talk more to him? Anyway hope I could help somehow!

Chris - posted on 02/01/2016




Divya, don't son also don't really speak much when he is ur son age...he only start to open his mouth to talk Last Sept after attending school and from there...he slowly start to talk...and today he sings non shop haha...

Many people also advised me to bring him to speach worries..boys tends to be abit slowler.

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