Ok My daughter is african american and she has very nappy hair she is going to be in a wedding in June I have no clue as to what i can do for her hair???? HELP!!!!!!!! Her hair is short and just bearly long enough to get in one ful pony....... I live in a small town in SD and there is not many people I know who can braid or Know what to do with it. so if any one has any sugesstions i would be Very Greatful THANKS A BILLION EVERY ONE!!!!!!


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Lakita - posted on 04/09/2009




Wash it and oil her hair and let it be a natural/afro and add ribbons (the wedding colors) and tie it around her head as if it was a headband.

Cassandre - posted on 03/15/2009




ok well pull smaller sections of hair back into little ponytails around the front making a natural "headband" then you can put it into a pony tail or bun and tie a ribbon or put flowers around the bun and it will look really cute! I do it for my daughter all the time ( she is mixed )Good luck!

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