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Lauren - posted on 04/14/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




OK, my son is 20months old and still on a passy. I don't think that it's a big deal now but I want to break him of it soon. Hopefully by summertime. I know to cut it down to sleep time only, but does anyone else have any ideas and/or tips on how to make a smooth transition from stage to stage? I'm lost!!!!!!!


Kammie - posted on 04/14/2009




We broke my daughter of her passy at 19 months. We told her that since she was a big girl she didn't need them any more & we needed to give them to other babies. She didn't want to give them to other babies, but she suggested giving them to her Nana & Papa's dog. So we got a bag and she picked them up and put them in the bag with us. Nana & Papa stopped by the next day & we gave them the bag and that was it. That was 5 months ago & we've had zero tears. She found one that we'd missed a couple of weeks ago & I was worried about it. But she wasn't interested in it. She was just very concerned that the dog needed it. She has developed a serious attachment to her blankie since then though, but that's fine with me. Overall, it went REALLY well.


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Barbara - posted on 04/14/2009




Our son just gave up his pacifier about a month ago. He had his "binky" all the time, every nap and every time he went to sleep and in the car and any time he was upset we'd just stick it in his mouth. We went cold turkey and threw them all away. It was hard and it still takes him an hour to fall asleep at night. We used to just put him in his room with his binky and his blanky and he'd fall right asleep now he cries in his room for an hour and we are constantly in and out of the room. Sometime I just want to give him a pacifier again!!! It's hard but I can't wait until he gets over this crying thing!!1!!!

Amy - posted on 04/14/2009




I broke my son before he was two. It was very hard! We started not to give it to him at nap time and then slowly worked it into nights. Its a rough time and u feel so bad and helpless but eventually he will forget about it. No matter how bad he wants it and how bad he will scream for it dont give in. He will calm down and go to sleep without wanting it ever again.

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passy fairy. explain to your son a lot before his second birthday that the passy fairy will be comming to take all of his passy's and give them to little babies because now he is a big boy and doesnt need a passy anymore. then that night collect all the passy's and dispose of them leaving him a suprise from the passy fairy because now he is a big boy.

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