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Jessica - posted on 11/17/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 2 year old daughter started potty training today and is doing really well.. naked. As soon as I put underwear on her she pees in them. I have tried to explain to her that we don't pee on toodee (they're gabba underwear) ) but she just pees on them anyway. please help! this would be going perfect if she wasn't peeing in her panties. she doesn't know how to get them off herself.. and has no interest in learning. what do i do???


Rebekah - posted on 11/18/2011




Keep her in ONLY her underwear. I had my son trained in 3 days, by doing the following:

1. I had him throw away his diapers.
2. Put him in underwear and a t-shirt.
3. Stayed home with him and only concentrated on him for 3 days straight (no interruptions!).

Basically, I did activities with him ALL day long. I showed him the potty and told him this is where we go potty. Then I watched him for potty signs - grabbing himself, dancing, wiggling more, etc. Then I would just tell him "tell mama when you have to go potty", if he started to pee, I automatically scooped him up and ran him to the potty to have him finish in the potty. If he finished in the potty, I gave him a treat. If he sat on the potty, I gave him a treat. This helped him associate the urge with need to go potty.

The key is consistency. Your child WILL have accidents, they are learning. When my son wet his pants, I had him rinse them out and put them in the laundry. Then I would say "yuck! wet underwear - ewww" and then put dry ones on and tell him "tell mama when you need to go potty".

If she is refusing to sit on the potty, don't push it. Praise her for coming into the bathroom, but reward when she sits on the potty.

You have to find a way to make it HER decision.

Good luck!

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Vicki - posted on 11/22/2011




I didn't really plan potty training. He just went naked while at home then nappies while out. When I finally got around to buying undies (a few weeks later? can't remember) we put them on occasionally, then more often, until it was all the time. Although he's still often naked at home, but I think that's just him! She'll get it eventually.

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My girls were the same way! From about 18 months they had 100% success while naked, but ANY type of bottoms (underwear, pull up, diaper) and success dropped dramatically. What we did was have them naked most of the time at home (while awake, of course) and used pull ups for sleep and going out. They were about 3 months short of turning 3 when we finally stopped pull ups during the day.

My son potty trained himself in diapers and was fully trained for a month before I could convince him to put underwear on. lol

Kelina - posted on 11/18/2011




go to the store and buy a small bag of mini gummi bears. they're about 1/3 the size of a regular gummi bear. My son had the same issue so we got the gummi bears and told him when he tells mommy he has to go pee on the potty then he gets a treat! It takes a day or so but once they figure it out, you'll be taking her to the potty every 20 minutes lol. Now as soon as he's finished going pee he goes "treat?" Lol so we've changed it to if he goes all morning without an accident then he gets a treat. If he makes it through naptime, then he gets a treat. If he goes til dinner, treat, then bedtime treat and if he makes it through the night then he'll get several. It don't mind because the bears are so small it's minimal amounts of sugar. Also don't worry too much right now about doing her pants on her own once she gets the hang of going on the potty tell her she can have her treat after she pulls up her pants. and show her how, put her thumb on the inside and then show her how to pull them up. then when she tells you she has to go(20 minutes later lol) show her how to pull them down. My son now won't keep his pants on lol, I turned aorund in the store one day, turned back and he'd taken them off!

Ashley - posted on 11/17/2011




I agree with Katherine, your daughter may associate the underwear as a diaper, it is very important that if you are going to take the diaper away fully she be much further potty proficient before you use the underwear again. took my son about a month before i could introduce the underwear and I really built them up as big boy special underwear like daddy.
Good Luck with the potty work and I hope your daughter gets in her big girl underwear soon!

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