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Miranda - posted on 02/08/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help! I can't get my 13mth old daughter to eat anything but pizza,pasta,mashed potatoes and yogurt. I'm lost to what to feed her for breakfast,lunch and dinner


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Teeny_2306 - posted on 02/17/2016




I am in the same boat. My son only wants pizza, anything potato, banna, yogurt, and mac and cheese oh and crackers. Every once in a while he'll eat rice and beans but I can't get him to eat meat and hes 2 and a half. Everyone of my mom friends say its a phase and hell get over it. Ive been giving him pediasure just to make up for everything he's missing. I am hoping this goes away lol but if you find some sort of solution I'd love to hear it.. You aren't alone =)

Cris - posted on 02/09/2016




Hi Miranda,
One year ago I faced some problem trying to make my daughter eat.
A group of parents I met on a web communities told me about self-weaning and the principle of offering the child the same food we prepare for the other members of the family, provided that it must be healthy.
Maybe you've already tried...
This helped me a lot, in a week my daughter began to eat quite everything because at the beginning she emulated us, and later she learnt to appreciate thhat food.
I hope it may help you a little bit...

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