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Reggie - posted on 05/17/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi! Mom's I really need help for my 2 yr old daughter. Because she's so picky that she just only eat's rice with chicken gravy and chicken skin I know its not healthy but I really don't have a choice. Oh! and she also eats stir fry noodles... Im really concerned about her health... I badly need help!! ;(


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Cecilia - posted on 05/17/2013




i was told that children who do texture play are better variety eaters. Texture play is simply giving them play things that feel different textures. Play-doh is an example. You can look online for "recipes"

Now as far as getting her to eat new things, always have different food choices on her plate. Tell her she must at least try the food before she is given the food she will eat. She might like more food than she realizes.

While you're trying to build up her food eating get her some nutrition drinks. Even Carnation Instant Breakfast works for this. Special K also has one. Pediasure is the main one bought i think. My 2 year old actually prefers Boost for kids.

Also make sure you address the issue with your doctor to maybe get her iron checked to see if she is getting enough. This way if she isn't you know to buy Vitamins. Flinstone is the only brand that includes iron. If she does not like the taste you can crush them and add them to her drinks (although do not add it to milk, for some reason this keeps the iron from being absorbed)

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