picky eater! need help

Cate - posted on 08/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my two year old son hasnt been eating right since he turned 1.. i've been trying everything but nothing has worked.he just keeps wanting the bottle. now everyone is like " get your son off the bottle! "..like it isnt easy. i went to complete strict mode and still nothing changes. my baby's dad gets mad at everything i try to do. i have no support. i even through out all his bottles, i made him do it himself. but i have a 7 month old on a bottle still. so oviously i have bottles again. so when he sees his younger brother with a bottle, he immediatly wants one. i dont know if he feels left out and just wants to act like a baby! any advice to those moms out there?


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Bethany - posted on 08/17/2012




it took my son having gastro, bronchitis, and a double ear infection all at the same time to get him off the bottle, glad i could but never wanted to do it that way, i had so many people tell me that i waited to long but i was done when it needed to be if you have no support do it when you can, maybe put prune juice or something just as horrid to him in a bottle and tell him thats all he gets in it now he might be happy to give it up!
good luck

Chaya - posted on 08/17/2012




Let him have a bottle, if you're putting him to bed with one, use water only, it's the only liquid that won't cause cavities.
Tell dad to straighten up and fly right or hit the road. Parenting is a two person job

Traci Lee - posted on 08/16/2012




I would let him have a bottle once a day. I would encourage a sippy cup but give the bottle too. You don't want him to get dehydrated but at the same time, you want the bottles gone. Also try introducing th sippy to your 7 month old. Maybe the older child will see this behavior and mimic it. Good luck!

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