picky food habits leading to obsession possibly?

Melanie - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I want to start that my son has been sick twice in the last 3 weeks. So we have been trying to get back on track with our daily schedule, but one thing that has drastically changed is he has become very picky about what foods he is going to eat. I am concerned because the last few weeks we have had an hour long tantrum at bedtime because he wanted me to feed him from the fridge. He barely ate his dinner. Then He has been dragging me to the fridge multiple times after 8pm. Our routine consists of no food or drinks after 7p (time to wind down). If he doesn't eat his vegetables he doesn't get his fruit & there is no dessert at dinner. I am not starving him, but I cannot let him think he has his way with me and choosing his foods. I am concerned that maybe since I gave him crackers, juice & water so much during this period he thinks I will give it to him if he objects to the meals I prepare. Today, he didn't touch his breakfast (we ate at 7ish) and by 10a he threw another tantrum that lasted 20-30 minutes because I would not open the fridge to give him cheese. He then grabbed a chair & took it to the pantry. What am I to do at this point? I have not seen him show such stubbornness and devotion before.


Heather - posted on 01/12/2014




I had the same problem with my son... the thing is just because its "time" for breakfast doesnt always mean that they are hungry i sometimes wait till 9-10 am to feed him breakfast because i know that he has worked up an appetite. And here is a little trick that i have learned with my son when he doesnt want to eat veggies... disguise them in say mashed potatoes of mac and cheese get a food processor and grind up say broccoli of carrots and mix them in with something he likes you know that you can also add that to a brownie mix and they think they are hetting a little chocolate treat but really they are getting their serving of veggies also gotta out smart them :) good luck also if you try protien shakes almose like a meal replacement for when they are being picky they come in strawberry and chocate... in the formula section at walmart

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