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Stephanie - posted on 09/30/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I don't want my 21 month old daughter to play on our couch. We have a sectional and she always wants to walk on it and often tries to jump on it, too. Now that she can climb up on her own, I have a hard time stopping her (I'm also 8 months pregnant). I tell her the couch is for sitting and laying and only to crawl, not walk on. Should I not waste my breath and just not allow her on the couch at all? I need some advice, I feel this is a safety issue, but I don't really know how to handle it.


Denikka - posted on 09/30/2013




I honestly gave up on the couch battle. Ours were old and beat up (got them from family who had gotten them second hand) so I wasn't worried about damage to the couch. And we took the legs off to prevent damage to the kids.
For us, it really came down to: *you're going to fall and hurt yourself if you keep doing that*
*no I won't* WHAM *ooowwww*
*told ya so*

The only thing I can really recommend is consistency. Just like with anything, you have to set out a rule an a consequence and stick with it. In this particular situation, I would suggest just removing her from the couch as a consequence.
For example, if she stand up and starts to jump on the couch, you tell her to stop and sit properly, or she won't be allowed on the couch. If she listens and does as she's asked, GREAT (and I'm jealous cause your kid is a WAY better listener than any of my 3 :P)
If she doesn't, take her down off the couch, tell her that we don't jump/stand/whatever on the couch, and now she needs to find somewhere else to be.
Don't remove her indefinitely, just for a while. She'll get it eventually, it'll just take some time :)


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Julie A - posted on 09/30/2013




How funny, sounds like me 8 months ago. My girls are 16 months apart and she started walking on it too abt that time. I tried and tried and tried to tell her no but it was a lost cause especially me being pregnant. After awhile it got old for her. I just took the advice of my mil and others who told me its just going to happen. But definitely try. Now watch my ass get chewed up by all these other mothers :0. Congrats on your baby !

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