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Sarah Jayne - posted on 07/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My two and a half year old son comes home from his dads house shooting. I can't handle all the violence. We have a no gun playing policy but as long as long as he doesn't hurt anyone pretend swords and such are ok.. He is a boy. I just need anyone's stories or advice on helping him learn the difference. I try to point out when someone in a movie gets shot how it hurt them and he gets it... Just anyone else's feedback.. No negativity please


Chet - posted on 07/30/2013




Our kids are allowed to play with toy weapons (they are 3.5, 5, 7.5 and 9 right now). I read a fair amount of historical fiction out loud (stuff like Little House on the Prairie) and so they are familiar with the idea of guns used for hunting, pirates carrying swords, the fact that guns kill, etc. One thing I've found is that without watching violent TV or movies (they watch very little tv and what they do watch is extremely tame) they have fairly minimal interest in violent weapons play. The weapons play that happens isn't excessive. The thing is, children explore and deal with stuff through play. Not all children's play is sweet or pleasant because children must learn and grapple with some very dark concepts as they grow. On some level, if your son is allowed to watch violent TV and movies where people get shot you should anticipate him exploring those things through play. That's very normal and a healthy way of dealing with what is exposed to. For a two and a half year old I would cut out movies where someone gets shot before I ban gun play in the house.

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