Pleading for potty training help!!!!

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I have a 4 year old son. We battled it out on potty training for a year and suddenly around 3 1/2 he just went to the bathroom by himself one day. No problems. Like it was breathing air. Now he is four and has stopped pooping on the toilet.

He will hold the poop so long that his body can't physically keep it in any longer and he will poop his pants. His stomach will get really big from all the backup if I try to give it a break. He never initiates having to go poop. I've tried everything I have found online and can think of. Make him go regularly, bribes, making a huge deal out when he does go, punishment, toys, and many other strategies I can't think of right now. I've made sure his stool is soft so it doesn't hurt.

Now one thing I have thought of is that he may possibly have a texture issue with poop. Idk if this is the case or not but i feel like I've tried overcoming anything else it could be. Please, please help!!!!!! I had to get rid of my washer and dryer during a move and it's made this regression so much more difficult to handle!


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Maybe it's time to take him to a Doctor and explain everything to them and see what they have to say about this.

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You need to take your son to the doctor and get some professional help for him.
Have you or your son or your whole family had any major changes in your life recently? Has his eating habits changed? Have you noticed any other behavioral or emotional changes in him?
When you notice this kind of change in your child, there is usually one of two things wrong. 1.) There is some kind of major/ stressful problem within his life. 2.) He has a physical health problem. Sometimes problem #1 can run straight into problem #2 and then you end up with one really big problem. So it is best to go see the doctor first.

My middle daughter when she was elementary age, she had been in school for a while then all the sudden one night she went to bed and woke up early in the morning crying.( She was way past potty training years.) I went into see what was wrong and her bed was all wet. We were all baffled! At first my husband and I got mad at her and told her that she knows better than to wet her bed. This became a nightly ritual, eventually we started hearing cries and screams in the middle of the night. My husband and I would get up to check on her and see what the matter was, funny thing was she was still sleeping. So, we discussed the problem a little further and heard about a place about that helps older children with bed wetting problems. We worked with them by phone, but the problem did not get any better. In fact by this time our daughter was always complaining about her tummy hurting and she would be standing there curled over with her hands on her stomach. My husband and I took her out of school one day and went to visit the doctor. He said we were pretty lucky that we brought her in when we did. Her urethral tube had collapsed. We tried to do some different options with the doctors advice. Her muscles were so weak that the different options that the doctor had recommended did not work. He had to go in and rebuild the urethral tube. After the operation she was able to get back on track with going to the bathroom properly, once again.

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