Please help I need meal ideas. New veggie choices.

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Let me start by saying I am not a vegitarian. Far from it. I am mostly carnivore and my vegitable consumption is sparse at best. My daughter, however, will not eat meat of any kind. No matter what. I've tried everything including being sneaky. Anyway, this was fine but now she won't eat vegitables either. And recently she's refused pasta. I'm down to fruit and cheese. ( she also won't drink any kind of milk or similar product but will eat yogurt and cereal with milk. go figure)
So I'm in need of recipes to try to see if I can broaden her menu. Any sugestions would be helpful even if you think it's so simple I must have tried it already. (I'm not a very good cook. ) I am very good at following directions though so also feel free to include detailed recipes. I will try vegan but mainly I'm happy to use butter, eggs, cheese and whatever. maybe veggie "meat" patties? I'm also looking for things in which to try kidney beans, chick peas, and lentils. Tonight I'm trying acorn squash. we'll see...


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Let me just tell you that children are wierd and change their minds like their underwear so this will not be forever!! I have twin boys whose food habits couldn't be more different from one another which used to make meal times a nightmare. We've come a long way in 10 years!!

The good news is your daughter eats fruit so that's a least healthy. The fact that meat doesn't appeal to her doesn't necessarily mean she's a vegetarian. It seems she prefers sweet and raw so try grated carrot and orange salad. Simply peel and grate a fresh medium sized carrot into a bowl. Peel an orange, put half to one side and segment the other half (remove the membrane things) and mix in with the carrot. Any juice that oozes out while cutting, add to the bowl. Now squeeze the remaining half orange to add fresh orange juice to the salad as a kind of sweet dressing.

Have you tried corn on the cob as a vege? It's sweet and crunchy when cooked. You may find she doesn't like it with melted butter, so try it both ways as it may not be the vegetable but the butter!

You could also try cucumber sticks with a yoghurt to dip them in (can even be strawberry yoghurt if that blows her hair back).

You could also try a kind of smoked chicken or ham and nectarine salad. Put a few lettuce leaves on her plate. In a bowl mix together gently either slices of smoked chicken or some shredded ham with thinly (not too thin) sliced ripe nectarine. Empty the contents of the bowl onto the lettuce. The lettuce while it may not be eaten adds colour which encourages a love of fresh food.

There are some fantastic recipie books with low GI meals in them which have loads of lentils, chick peas and kidney beans in the is a great place to look for the names of them!

Goodluck and introduce things slowly as too much too soon may be overwhelming. If you find she likes something, just do variations on that until you discover a 'new' recipie of your own!!

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