please help, my little girl has been going on the toilet/potty for around 9 months but doesnt say until she has done a trickly in her knickers, please help feel like ive hit a brick wall?


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Shell20081986 - posted on 07/15/2012




thank you, she is 2 years 7 months now, and she started early as my nephew was doing it so she just copied him, i always ask her but she very rarely tells me she needs to as i have the potty down stairs and she just sits on it when she reolises that she needs to go. ive had her in knickers for a month now and just getting to the point were i feel negative will she ever stop weeing in her knickers :-( i hate having to repeat myself and she must get fed up of it too xx

Louise - posted on 07/15/2012




How old is your little one? Toilet training is most successful at around 2 years 4 months. Bowel control comes first and then bladder. If she does not recognise the signals she wants to pee yet before it is to late then there is no point in trying to train her. Some little girls dont understand the feeling until the age of three.

If your little one is older than three then maybe it is worth mentioning to a doctor. Always remind her that she needs to go to the toilet and take her if she has not been for more than two hours. Try and encourage her to empty her bladder every couple of hours and already have her on the toilet before she needs to go. Make sure she understands how to ask for the toilet and why she has to think about asking before she starts to pee!

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