Plz help!! I'm sure my 4 year old son is getting bullying from teacher

Hazel - posted on 01/12/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old son started head start 6months ago. About the 1st month the teachers started saying he was mean to the other kids and hit a teacher and another kid and that he spit in a kids face and was really mean and acts bad! It makes me sad when I hear this, so I get mad at him. She told me to spank him, but I feel bad spanking him everyday after school. One of the teachers won't talk to me and gives my son mean looks. I feel like his self-esteem is low now. He doesn't like school and won't talk to me about it:(.... the in a bad neighborhood and all the teachers seem angry. I've had a bad feeling about the teachers every since he started!... But I've been trying to convince myself it's a school I'm sure it's okay... But I get a bad feeling in my stomach about it. Every day when i get there he asks the teacher if he was good and most of the time they tell him no! And he looks down at the floor sad:(.. I thought they were supposed to build his confidence up not down. Well today I had enough! The teacher told me he pulled his pants down at gym and showed his p.p off and did it a couple of times! It does not sound like my son and he would never do this!! But if he did they should teach him not to... I don't know something doesn't add up.. I really want to pull him out of head start, besides all the teachers there seem mad! I'm doing this tomorrow and I hope I'm doing the right thing ..... Oh ya and when the church takes care of my child they say hese always good, also the principal of the school says these always good too... But his teachers say he is always bad... please pray for my son he just turned 4.. I'm sure he needs to be treated better than this


Marcie - posted on 01/15/2016




OMG!! My daughter used to have a teacher like this.... I brought her to Nana's every day instead.

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