Possible autism in 2 year old

White_laine - posted on 10/04/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




Do any other mamas have a child (specifically around 2) that may have autism? My son hasn’t been diagnosed but I’ve researched for days and watched a lot of videos of kids with symptoms of ASD and without. My son hits basically every one of them. Absolutely refuses to look me in the eyes when I say his name I have to trick him by doing peek a boo or counting to three for some reason that makes him look at me. Occasionally he will grab me or my dads face (who is basically his guardian) and look us right in the eyes mostly when we pick him up from daycare, but not for long. He doesn’t imaginary play or seem to understand (or ignores) directions. He plays with toys unusually he flips trucks over and plays with the wheels instead (huge autism sign) or flips little cars over and spins them, shakes his head no for no reason sometimes. Thankfully, and hopefully it stays this way, he doesn’t throw bad tantrums or seem to have sensory issues. From what I’ve learned ASD is diagnosed when a child has a delay in more than one area or shows more than a few signs..so I’m only assuming my son has it. I’d also love to hear from moms who had a child that was diagnosed when they were young, and how they are now.

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