potty accidents for attention?

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My daughter will be 4 end of August, she goes to PreK and uses the potty, and will use it for me. But when she's home with her Dad she'll have accidents. She still wears a pullup at night and it usually dry in the morning.

I was concerned with her 'accidents' when she's with her Dad. We have a 20mo old who will sit on the potty seat, doesn't use it so much as her Sis, but a coworker mentioned that the older girl's accidents could be related to wanting attention. We have tried some "Daddy and Olivia" time to see if the attention issue was the reason for the accidents when he has her, but it hasn't improved. Any ideas?


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Pull ups at night... That's awesome you're girl is using the potty all day long. Congrats! Accidents overnight will happen, and I have found that pull ups at night actually delayed potty training. My daughter would hold her pee all day long waiting for the pull up, and go at night.

A good routine prior to bedtime and help lower the amount of bedtime accidents. No liquid close to bedtime, using the potty right before bed. I also have waterproof matress covers and lots of spare fitted sheets and blankets.

Paula - posted on 06/13/2009




my daughter is three and she goes to the bathroom all day long! But when it time to go to bed everynight she wets the bed and i dont know what to do cause i dont want to put a pull up on her will she get confuse?

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Its funny you asked if he pays attention. When I am home, I notice he asks her if she needs to use the potty, and if she does she asks me to go upstairs with her. She does it all on her own, but she wants me to be upstairs where our only bathroom is. (presently we're renovating a room on the 1st floor for a 1/2 bath-in progress).

I guess as Mom, I'm used to having a routine. I work full time, he's home with the girls, and she's part time at Pre-K 3 days a week. Her accidents seem to happen more the days she isn't at Pre-K. But then again, she uses the potty at School.

Maybe I'll put up a potty time schedule chart (hourly dry erase board daily schedule) to have him monitor 'her progress' (winks) during the day while I'm at work. This may help remind him to take her or ask her to use the potty. It'll be a good reminder for both of them! Thanks for the insight.


Shelly - posted on 06/13/2009




Could it be that Daddy just doen't pay enough attention to her when she needs to go and so she is having accidents. I have that problem with my DH.

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