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Lorinda - posted on 10/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




she wants to be a big girl today ,,,,how many minutes should i make her try potty ,,every 30 or less ???


Sarah - posted on 10/04/2013




Here is how I do it.....I don't do the every 1/2 hr or every hr. as that to me is me being trained not her being trained. I also have two older kids that it would pretty much be impossible to go that often to the potty when we are rushing to their activities.

I first start with just introducing the potty.....so during this stage I still have the diaper on or you could do pull-up (to me pull-ups are just like diapers, so as we get further into the potty training process I do not use them except for overnight). I start by making it part of our routine. So I have them sit before and after nap and before and after bed. At first I don't care if they go or not.....I just want them to sit and try. Eventually they figure it out and do go in the potty when they are sitting. If they go they get 1 m&m for pee and 2 for poop. As time goes on and they start to get the hang of it and start going more consistently we start to add in a few more potty breaks....about 1 hr after meals (this is also when you will start to notice a pattern as to when they need to go). Once they are doing good at this stage I then switch to underwear during the day. You may still have a few accidents, but hopefully by time you get to this stage they will have figured out how it works and the accidents are just needing to work on timing and stopping from an activity. At first I am still sticking to my routine of taking them (I don't ask them if they have to go at this point). Once we are doing pretty good with this stage I then move to asking them and if they say "no" then just asking them after awhile later....and then taking if it has been quite awhile. My treats also change with the stages. At first the treats are given every time they go. By time the last stage hits the treats are only give if they do on their own without having me take them. Each child moves through these stages at a different rate. Some kids are fully trained in a matter of months and others it is a year or more. Follow your child's lead and encourage them, but don't push.

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