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Odessa - posted on 09/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 2yrs old next week. She refuses to go potty. I take her to bathroom everytime I go. What can I do to motivate her to use the potty.


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Liezl - posted on 09/23/2013




www.byebyebinky.com was very helpful (they have a special additional booklet on potty training ($10) that is worth every cent. Also, kids are ready at different times, so don't put too much pressure on her (it could backfire) and try to keep it as positive as possible.

Sarah - posted on 09/13/2013




Don't push it. Just because she will be turning 2 yrs old does not mean she is ready to potty train. Give her time. She will get motivated when she is ready. That might be shortly after she turns 2 yrs old or it might be when she turns 3 yrs old. The more you push now when she is not ready the longer and harder it will be to train. If you allow her to do it when she is ready it will not take long and it will be less frustrating. I have a friend that decided to train her daughter at 22 months......well she is now 4 yrs old and still has at least one accident a day. I have another friend that decided to wait until her son started wanting to train.......he trained in a week....no accidents since then....he was 3 yrs old.

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