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Kimberly - posted on 04/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




How do we go about the overnite and when? He already wakes up around 330 and either climbs in my bed or cries that hes wet. weve only been training a week or so and he's got the hang of it. Are pull ups better than diapers overnite?


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Lucy-Jayne - posted on 04/04/2009




My son has been dry during the day for about 1 year, but he is still in nappies for bed. i tried taking their drinks away before bed, but they just scream for them, i would rather wait untill they are ready to be dry instead of tryin to force him. i have been told that he will give it up when he is ready, and when he has the bladder control to hold it if he needs to, or when he can realise that he needs to get out of bed to use the toilet

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I found waking them just before I go to sleep (about 11ish) to go to the toilet means that my son is dry through the night. If I forget he tends to wet but not until early morning.

I think you just have to try it for a few nights and see if they're ready. Just make sure you get plastic sheets for the bottom of the bed. If they're consistently waking in the night because they're wet they're probably not ready yet. Wait a bit longer - see if the nappies are dry in the morning and try again.

Ashley - posted on 04/04/2009




pull ups and diapers r of no difference I use the pull ups with both of my kids at night just because they're easier to pull down then a diaper, 1 way to stop night time wetting is pick a good time to take awaydrinks at night and limit the drinks before supper time. My kids get small amount of fluid after 3pm and a small drink after supper. they do not get anything after like 5-530 and they go to the bathroom before bed. Many times they both wake dry. Make sure you know how much fluid he is being giving.

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