Potty training 15 month old. Advice please

April - posted on 02/23/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I know, most of you will say that he is too young to potty train and that most people wait until their child is at least 2. Well, i want to try earlier. Never know, he might catch on. Anyway, he understands where his pee comes from and he thinks it's the funniest thing. He has peed in the potty 3 times now (just random times of putting him on the potty) So, i bought him some training underwear rather than pullups. (they're cheaper and washable) I don't know how often i should set him on the potty. Should i make sure i leave his potty in the bathroom? Or should i bring it to the living room where we usually are? Lately he has been pulling at his diaper everytime he pees or he'll pat the front of it when he pees. I always have to have a onsie on him or he takes his diaper off when he pees. I just don't know how often to put him on the potty or where i should keep the potty. When it's in the bathroom he is not interested in sitting on it....There's too much other stuff that he would rather do in there. Help please. Any other moms have success with potty training this young?


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Alexis - posted on 03/26/2011




It tried when my son was about 14 months and he made progress but I don't think that he could tell he had to go until he was already going. I say try it and if after a few days it doesn't work then wait a little bit. I will be trying again starting April 1st when he is officially 18 months. If it works great if not I will wait a couple more months and try again. When I did it I literally put him on the potty every 5 minutes, makes for a long day. I also put him directly into underwear, no diapers or pullups. We had a lot of accidents by the end of day 3 he would start to pee wherever he was, notice it, stop peeing and run to pee on the bathroom floor. So he grasped the location idea. Good Luck.

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I think its great that you are starting early! If he is showing all of the signs, then go for it! Good Luck :) My daughter just turned 22 months and she potty trained herself just 3 weeks ago. She woke up and said, "no diaper...potty." and went by herself. No accidents at all!! I would suggest putting a potty in every area that you spend alot of time. Also keep giving him drink bc that helps them to get the "feel" of what having to go feels like rather then them realizing it after the fact. Start every 15 minutes and gradually work your way up to extended times. It sure sounds like he is ready. Good Luck again!

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My little guy was still learning to walk at 15 months, so kudos to your little guy for already starting potty training. We started around 20 months, and we're doing really well with it at 22 months. Based on my experience, I'd recommend leaving the potty in the bathroom, so he learns that that's where you go when you have to use the potty. Also, the potty chair doesn't always contain the urine, and I'd much rather clean up peepee from the bathroom floor than my living room floor! :) My son wasn't interested in sitting on the potty at first either, but after about a month, I showed him how to sit on the potty (and how the potty would sing to him if he went peepee), and since then, he's been pretty good about sitting on it. He's still a little leery of big potties, especially public ones with automatic flushers. I've had lots of luck with putting him on the potty any time he mentions the potty and when I can tell he's trying to poop. Now he asks to go when he has to poop, and he usually asks to go first thing in the morning and before bed, in addition to a few other times during the day. Since it seems like your little one is showing cues when he pees, I would recommend taking him when he pulls at the diaper, even if he has already gone. It won't take him long to make the connection. Good luck with it!

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All I have to say is good luck! (especially with a boy!) My daughter is 17 months and I'm going to commit to training her in another month.......she's ready also, showing all the signs!

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First of all GOOD FOR YOU! I started both my boys at about 14 monts and the first was trained by 18 months, the second one...we're still working on.
I put my son on the potty every hour and if he went he got a sticker or an M&M. We also sing the potty song and do the potty dance with much clapping and cheering. They think it's hilarious!! After a few days he was running to the potty! My second I'm taking a less organized approach because it's harder with two kids but he's doing really well. He will do the potty dance after he goes and he asks to go all the time. He doesn't always do anything but I make sure he knows it's a good job to sit on the potty - it reinforces positive feelings about the potty.
I put the potty in the playroom where it's easily accessed.
When he comes to you with a wet/messy diaper tell him (as you change it) that it's WET and pee goes in the potty. After a few times (maybe longer) start asking him where pee/poop goes. My son will answer "POTTY!" He needs to make the connection in his head before you can fully train him.
It's a bit harder at that age because they don't talk much or well but it can be done!!!

Paula - posted on 02/23/2010




18 months is the earlest i hav heard of a child been fully trained. start puting him on the potty every 15mins if u find he doesnt go try every half hour r about 20 mins after he has a drink, after a while u will notice how often he goes, an always put him on the potty when he wakes from a nap, best of luck

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