Potty training 2 year old's how long does it usually take?

Kelly - posted on 10/13/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 and almost 4 months she will be going to pre-school next year so she needs to be potty trained. I can get her to go number 1, but number 2 forget it she runs and hides and won't even tell me if she is doing it in her nappy. She will lie to me even though I know she has done it. She can speak very well, so I have asked her time and time again why she won't go number 2 on the potty she refuses to answer me. She likes the idea of no nappies just not the idea of having to use the potty. I am continuing with sitting her there on the potty so she gets use to it, she will say "Look Mummy, I did it, I did it!" But will only do number 1. Every time I think she is going to do a number 2 I will place her on the potty but she will sit there for over an hour without doing it, only for me to have put her nappy back on and yep you guessed it, she does it in the nappy, so what am I doing wrong? Any advice or tips? This is my first and only child.


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Not sure about the poop thing. My daughter who is a day older than your daughter is the exact!!! (to a T) same way! However, I have heard that the 'average' (whatever that is anymore) takes 8 months to be fully trained. So, try not to get discouraged! She will do it! -- I had to give up for a while. My son is just over 5 months and the day doesn't allow for it right now. GOOD LUCK to you!!!


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Justine - posted on 10/14/2009




Hi, I was having that problem with my son when we were potty training but we started when he was 1 1/2. We didn't push it and would let him walk around with his undies on around the house and if he had an accident we would clean it up, he didn't like the way that it felt. He pretty much became completely potty trained overnight. Your daughter will get it when she's ready. Has she ever had panties on when she has done number 2? I think a lot of little kids don't like the way it feels also show her how you put the poop in the potty and let her flush it down. My son started saying "bye bye poopy" and it cracked him up.

She will get it, she's only 2 and probably not that ready.

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My son is 3 now and he went through the same thing. It took a little time but after a while they get the hang of it. One thing that I did was keep him on regular underwear and when ever he went number two on his underwear, I went "oops" and reminded him that the right place for poop is in the potty and then together we would take it to the potty and flush it down and wave good bye to the poo! I know it sounds crazy, but it kinda worked because I think he thought it was fun to watch it being flushed down the toilet.

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Everyone learns at a different pace and are ready at different times. It sounds like you're doing the right things. She might just not be quite ready yet. It's really a lot for a little one to learn and their bodies have to learn all the different signs and sensations that tell them they need to go. If you're not putting her poop in the toilet after she does it in her diaper than try that to show her that that is where the poop should go and maybe let her try and flush the toilet after she's gone if she likes that. Also you could try rewarding her for going poop in the potty with an M&M or a sticker or something little like that. I used stickers with my son. Everytime he went potty on the potty chair he could pick a sticker and put it on his potty chair. He really liked that and it motivated him to try more on the potty chair.

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I set aside a weekend for my 2 year old. I refused to put her in a diaper or a pull up (pull ups to me are just overpriced diapers). She had a few accidents but I would get her cleaned up and put her right back into a new pair of panties. I took her shopping before hand and let her pick out her own "big girl panties" and made a big deal about it. She has been going strong for over 2 months now, accident free!

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