Potty training 2 yr old girl

Kristina - posted on 06/28/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 2 this week July 2nd. I want to start potty training now. She sits on her potty, but never very long. Sometimes she doesn't want to at all. Do the Potty training pants that make them feel cool when they pee really work?? Should I try potty pants till she gets good at it during the day? Any good advice welcome please!


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Ashley - posted on 06/30/2009




My daughter will be 3 in September and we are in the midst of potty training. I tried the naked thing and it didn't work. She just felt embarrassed for peeing on the carpet. The pull ups didn't work for training either. She just thought that it was a diaper. Waiting for her to "tell me" that she needed to go, didn't work either. Neither did asking her if she had to go.

What worked? A schedule/routine. I try to get her to the potty every hour (or less). I try to make going to the potty fun (since she usually doesn't want to stop what she is doing to go potty). This is the strategy that they use at her preschool and that we have carried over to being at home. And, it has really helped. Not to sound crass... but my family has bred, trained and shown dogs for the last 10-12 years... and this is exactly how we house train puppies. It takes a LONG time before they can tell you that they have to go. But, as we say in the dog world, get up or clean up (take them out or clean up the mess). At the risk of comparing my children to my dogs, I think its about the same for toddlers. They are still learning what it feels like to "have to go", long after they understand that they need to do it in the potty. So, schedule. That is what is working for us and she's in panties all day now.

All that said, she is still in a pull up at night or on long car rides. We'll cross that bridge soon....

Jen - posted on 06/29/2009




I've put pull ups on my daughter and I could tell when she peed in it because she made this "ohh" expression like she does when she pees on the potty. I only plan on using pull ups until she understands to tell us to go potty, but then I'll switch her to cloth trainers and panties. I've heard they train quicker in cloth and panties because they can feel it better than in the pull ups that feel like diapers.

Jeannie - posted on 06/29/2009




lots of good advice here, my daughter was just over the age of 1 when she made us pull over on the side of the road because she "had to pee", that was it til she was about 2. I tried the cool alert pullups, they just made her wet more often, I tried regular pullups, they were handy, got her used to pulling them up and down, but she was still going in her pants alot. So I did like most of the others here, make sure the potty is easily accessible, living room or kitchen, wherever you are most the day. I tried the snacks rewards, and the sitting there while she drank and drank and Had to go, no luck. Only thing that worked with my daughter was letting her pick out her new big girl underwear, and some cheapies from DG, and let her wear them, and explain how bad the princesses or dora would feel if she pottied on them. It took alot of accidents and loads of laundry, but that's what motivated her, her big girl panties.

Good luck, I'm soon approaching that age with my son, and have to say, she was so much easier!!!

Lauren - posted on 06/29/2009




I potty trained my daughter at just the same time as you. I tried the pull ups with not much success. So I did "Naked Week". I put her potty in the living room and had her naked for most of the day. She only peed on the carpet once, then after that she only went in the potty! That week, we went out and got underpants, and she's been wearing them ever since (she will be 3 Sept. 1) We are still working on night time, but she is great during the day. Good luck! It is quite the adventure!

Peta - posted on 06/28/2009




Hi!! Had success with my daughter at about 2 and 1month. I introduced the potty the same way you did, but to get her used to it, I had the potty in the family room near the tv, and Grace had no pants or nappy on. So, when she needed to go, she could see the potty and it reminded her to use it, instead of just going everywhere and anywhere!! lol!! I made a big fuss of her and shouted horray all the time, and used stickers instead of lollies etc because she liked them more. The potty was then moved to the laundry (near the toilet) after a week and now she is totally potty trained, it only took about 2 weeks. Oh, and I stayed home as much as I could during that time too, hope this helps :)

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with my daughter, she was 2 in Feb, i rewarded her with mini eggs/candy. she peed in the potty she got one, she pooped she got two. she was really easy to train actually *maybe i just got lucky* . she started showing a interest when she was one... first time she peed in the potty she was 16 months, from then i just let her whenever she wanted to. I put the pull ups on her she told me sometimes when she had to go potty, but not all the time, she'd do really good for a while, then just kinda stopped, and then do really good for a while, and stop. and i realized that she just thought that they were diapers so it didnt matter if she peed in them or not. . About a month and a little bit ago, both at daycare and at home, we just took away the pull ups completely and just let her wear panties. and since we changed her into that shes had one accident. for the first couple weeks i put a pull up on her at night time too, but it was dry in the morning, so i got rid of the pull ups completely and shes fully trained.

I'd suggest if you want to use the pull ups until she gets better at it, or there is the cloth training pants that you can get too. you could try those. but once she starts using the potty more/ or she thinks that the pull up is just a diaper then maybe try just switching her to panties... good luck!!!!

Meagan - posted on 06/28/2009




Reward her for going potty :) I use gummy bears. My daughter pees in the potty, she gets a gummy bear.

Jessica - posted on 06/28/2009




I am also at the beginning stages of potty training my 2 year old (and 3 mos.). I have noticed that from the time I bought the potty about 3 months ago and now, that she will sit still on the potty a lot longer than at 1st. She even surprised us one night by peeing in the potty about a month ago. The training pants seem to have no affect on her. She just thinks it is diaper and doesn't complain about being wet. I have been working a temp job that just now ended so I will now be trying to really get her trained.

I think the best advice is just to not pressure her. As I am also at the beginning, I don't have much other advice :-)

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