Potty Training 3 year old boy...won't poop on potty

Cc - posted on 04/19/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been potty training my 3yr 1mth son for several months now. He is able to pee on the potty without accidents now, but seems very distraught over the idea of pooping on the toilet. He'll run around squeezing his butt cheeks together crying, but when I put him to sit on the john, he just says, "It doesn't hurt anymore, mommy." I try to keep him sitting as long as possible but I can't really sit with him for too long because I also have a 5 yr old and a 3 month old that also need my attention. We usually just do this cycle of butt cheek squeezing and sitting about 3 times before he finally just lets it out on the floor or in his pants. I've tried rewards and try to make it fun on the potty, but he just does not want any part of it. Any advice?


Dana - posted on 04/27/2015




I did the same thing to my parents! I just didn't like it. Give him time and keep working with him. He'll do it eventually!

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